Virtual Meeting: Out of Water: Farming Aquatics in their Emerse Form

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The Chicago Aquatic Plant Society is an organization that emphasizes educating hobbyists about starting, keeping, and maintaining aquatic plants in the aquarium.

This site, and also our Facebook Community, serve as a platform where hobbyists can ask questions, exchange ideas, learn about aquascaping principles, and gain other information relevant to keeping planted tanks. If you are in Chicago or the surrounding area, come join us.

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CAPS Virtual Meeting: Out of Water: Farming Aquatics in their Emerse Form

Date: April 25, 2021

Time: 1:00-3:00 pm CST



The Chicago Aquatic Plant Society is pleased to host Chantz Cramer, founder and head horticulturalist at Aquaescape in South Florida. Chantz will give a presentation titled, “Out of Water: Farming Aquatics in their Emerse Form”. Chantz will also give a tour of his Florida greenhouses, demonstrate how he creates his soil mix, does his plantings, and will also do a brief hydroponic demo.

Chantz has been in the hobby since the early 2000s and started dabbling with aquatics around 2010 as a cheaper way to feed his pet, Steve the Turtle. Who knew that Steve’s food needs would create his passion and calling!

Around 2012, Chantz stumbled across the Barr Report and his life was changed. Chantz is prone to “collectoritus” and his aquatic plant collection outgrew his tank space, which resulted in transitioning his collection back to land. He started with a single tote and now has over 12,000 square feet of greenhouse space. Aquatic plants are his life and he hopes to share as much information as possible as he continues to learn and discover more every day. We will have an item to raffle at the end of the presentation.

Stay tuned for more details on our Facebook Group. We look forward to seeing everyone online!

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