2017 Wabi Kusa Entry – Amudha Venugopalan

Best in Show!

Artist: Amudha Venugopalan

Health & Condition: 196/210
Technical Skill: 56/70
Natural Impression: 62/70
Overall Impression: 56/70

Total Score: 370

Judges Comments:

-“Very nice layout and the wood bowl adds a natural feel to the wabi kusa.”

-“Plants and moss are very healthy. I wish there was a midground plant to break up the height between the hygro and moss”

-“Beautiful Wabi Kusa which has matured nicely. I especially like how lush the moss is on the Wabi Kusa. Great job!!”

-“Simple but beautiful. Flowers are a nice touch. I would have liked to see a little more color however.”

-“Plants appear to be in great health and solid photography. It might have been nice to incorporate one other type of plant species though. But, I enjoy the minimal number of species chosen.”

-“Overall health of the plants is very good. Very traditional in style and planting. Would have liked to have seen more than two plants. Photography is done very well. I really like the bowl the entire wabi kusa is growing in.”

-“I think the overall impression here is very nice. The moss is very well manicured and the plants look great.”


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