Caps Virtual Meeting: Blurring the lines

By July 5, 2020

Date: July 11, 2020

Time: 7:00 pm CST

Location: Zoom virtual meeting: Meeting ID: 895 6866 6028 Password: 524349

Scott Fellman of Tannin Aquatics

Blurring the Lines: Mental Shifts, Aesthetics, and Benefits of the Botanical-Style Aquarium
July 11th at 7pm CST; Zoom Link to be provided

Hello CAPS family!

We have a special upcoming virtual meeting featuring Scott Fellman, from Tannin Aquatics, who will be presenting about his most recent endeavor involving use of natural materials to create blackwater and brackish aquariums.

Scott describes himself as the consummate “fish nerd/entrepreneur/provocateur!” and has kept aquariums since he was a pre-schooler. He has traveled all over the US and internationally and has published extensively about his travels and a variety of aquarium related topics in numerous periodicals as well as on his daily blog, “The TInt”. He was the previous co-owner of Los Angeles-based Unique Corals but sold his interest in the company to start Tannin Aquatics, which has curated a collection of all sorts of natural materials, ranging from seed pods to branches, as well as other goods and ideas for specialized aquatic hobbyists. Come join us for this special presentation!

We will also hold a raffle for a pack of assorted botanicals donated by Tannin Aquatics. We will start another Facebook post with more details about how to enter the raffle.

Scott Fellman will select a couple of random numbers to pick raffle winners at the end of his talk. Stay tuned for more details and I look forward to seeing everyone online!

Meeting ID: 895 6866 6028

Password: 524349