Seiryu Stone



Product Description

This is where you can place your order for the Chicago Aquatic Plant Society’s Seiryu Stone group buy!


The stone will be sold in either 40lb or 80lb bags. The bags are prepacked and will be sent directly from the vendor to our location on a pallet. The board members will weigh each bag to ensure that the weight is as close as possible to the requested amount. What is in the bag is what you will get – there will be no cherry picking the stone. Each bag will contain a mix of pieces that are as small as 1” up to pieces as large as 12”.

Please also note that you will be responsible for coming and getting your stone by the end of the week of delivery. It is your responsibility to get the Seiryu or make arrangements to have someone pick it up during the week of delivery. It is very difficult to store this amount of stone at a personal residence and also to transport large amounts to other locations due to the weight. Please consider the logistics of this group buy before committing to the purchase.

And finally, for your reference – here is a table with the confirmed amounts everyone requested.

Bailin Shaw 80 lbs
Scott Miller 120 lbs
Hunter Koerner 80 lbs
Igor Cialenco 40 lbs
Frank Huang 40 lbs
Rich Schram 80 lbs
Nate Reeverts 40 lbs
Jo Ann Fujii 40 lbs
Vang Thao 40 lbs
Marvin Lo 160 lbs
Matt Kowalczyk 40 lbs
Terrance Breitsameter 40 lbs
Hari Anderson 120 lbs
Eloy 80 lbs
Choc Chip 40 lbs

Additional information

Weight N/A

120 lbs, 160-lbs, 40 lbs, 80 lbs