2017 Wabi Kusa Contest Guide

  • All entries are due Nov 20th 2017.
  • One submission per person only.
  • Submit up to three photos of your Wabi-Kusa along with a completed entry form and signed photo release agreement (see below).
  • Photos may be adjusted for color correction, brightness, cropping. No other alterations.
  • A Kids Category is for entrants up to age 12. If submitting for the Kids Category, please select that category when submitting.
  • Results will be announced at the Chicago Aquatic Plant Society December Year End Party and on the CAPS Facebook page. More info on the Party will be announced at a later date. You do not need to be present to win.
  • Do not post your final photos anywhere on Facebook as this may disqualify your entry.

Winner of the Adult category:  $100.00 Cash and Commemorative Award

Winner of the Kids category (up to age 12): $50.00 Cash and Commemorative Award

Judges will consist of the Chicago Aquatic Plant Society Executive Board.  Judges will not be allowed to participate as a contestant.  Judges will not know the names of the entrants until the judging is complete.  The contestant with the highest total points based on the point system outlined below will be the winner.  Adult and Kids categories will be judged using the same point system.

A Wabi-kusa is defined here as a layout of emersed grown, or partially emersed grown aquatic plants. The Wabi-kusa evaluation will also consider any hardscape or container features incorporated into the layout. Any entry deemed by more than one judge to not meet the broad definition presented shall be disqualified.

Points shall be awarded to each entry for the following categories:

  1. Health and Condition: 0-30pts
    1.     Are plants in the layout healthy and free from any undesirable algae or fungal growth?
    2.     If any animals are incorporated in the layout, are they healthy and in a suitable environment to be maintained long term?
  2. Technical Skill: 0-10pts
    1.     Has the artist demonstrated technical skill in the layout through the use of plant arrangement, colors, textures, hardscape, husbandry techniques, and photography?
  3. Natural Impression: 0-10pts
    1.     Does the layout present a natural atmosphere, and is it matured to completeness?
  4. Overall Impression and Creativity: 0-10pts
    1.     How does the layout appear as a whole including all elements in the photograph?
    2.     Has the artist presented a layout that is unique or especially creative?

Submissions are now closed!